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Blind Corn

Simple, Elegant, Country and Bluegrass

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The Ultimate Guide To Bluegrass Instruments

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10 Bluegrass Tips to Enhance Your Next Night Out

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Bluegrass History
Bluegrass History and The Sound of Kentucky

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Bluegrass Traditional Music
Bluegrass: America’s Great Traditional Music Genre

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Earl Scruggs
Earl Scruggs – A Bluegrass Legend

Earl Scruggs was a legendary bluegrass and country musician. He is most famous for the three-finger …

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About me

Fun lovin’ guy who likes to pick and maybe drink a bit too much. It’s amazing what music can do for your soul. I have been playing music all my life with the hope of touching someone else thru song. The grass roots movement in bluegrass is alive and well. If you are ever my way, stop by and see me. I am hitting the trails every weekend, picking and grinning and having a good time.